We are part of DELUXE group having diversified business interest.

The Group business is spread in areas such as Waste Management, Paper & Boards, PVC Coated Fabrics, Note Books, and Film Studio for over four decades.

At Deluxe Recycling (India) Pvt. Ltd., it has been our endeavour to introduce environment friendly products in pursuit of our national goal to protect forest resources and thus serve the community where we work.

Towards this direction, we have set up India’s first facility to produce ECOLINK boards at Palghar near Mumbai (Bombay), India. Over a decade of our experience and contacts in the Packaging Industry segment has enabled us to put up this facility successfully.

Over the last five years, through our in house R & D efforts, we have been able to offer value added products. This has enabled us to cope with the rising market expectations.

The multiple features of our Boards, Doors & Pallet make it an excellent substitute for wood and plywood and are highly recommended by architects, interior designers, leading building promoters, reputed furniture industry etc.

We are sure that this marks a beginning to revolutionize the introduction of different environmental friendly recycled products in the segments we serve.